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"Real Life. Real Moments. Captured."

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We focus on creating hand-crafted timeless wedding films, telling your story in an authentic and personalized way.

Contact us, we would like to get to know you, discuss all things weddings with you! Our approach to every event is very hands-on and personal. This translates over to your wedding film, giving the essence of who you are in this beautiful piece of your history. 

 We pride quality over quantity, hence we would only accept a certain number of weddings per year. This allows us to put our heart and soul into each wedding film we produce. 

It's more to us than just capturing one day; we want to create an unforgettable story that best represents you both, preserving memories for years to come. 


Let's get the ball rolling!



What to expect from us? 

We have an intimate and personalized approach to wedding film production as this best suits our creative process. From our very first communication, we would love to get a call scheduled as soon as possible, to begin the "Road to Wedding Day" journey. Once a confirmed GTP bride (or groom), we encourage you to keep the lines of communication open, as we want to make certain that you are comfortable with our services. 

 Prior to Wedding Day, we insist on a Pre- Wedding Meeting, in person or virtual, again to add to your comfort level. 

Our Film Collection

Video Investments Starts At $3,450

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