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Social Media Video Production and Media Content

In today’s digitally connected world, it’s vital to have a social media strategy. No matter what type of business you own, videos placed on social media can help leverage your business and gain new customers.  Green Tree Productions places a heavy emphasis on creating social media videos that are engaging yet short and simple. Our team of social media video experts has extensive experience creating interactive videos for the social media pages of local businesses.

Benefits of Social Media Video

Brand Awareness

Social media is one of the most effective methods of spreading your company’s videos to a new audience. People tend to do business with people that they trust and like, so putting a face to your brand can go a long way to gaining new customers. Spreading these videos through social media has been proven to be one of the most effective and simplest ways of gaining new customers and spreading awareness of your brand. 

Online Engagement

In recent years, video has taken over and has become the number one piece of content shared daily on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The majority of executives would rather watch a short, engaging, and easy to digest video than read wordy content. Additionally, videos that are posted on the company’s social media sites can be shared with friends and followers, increasing exposure to your brand. 

Hyper Targeting

Social media video also has the advantage of being able to be targeted towards a specific demographic. Creating niche video content for a niche group is a preferable option to creating general content that is aimed at everybody but nobody in particular. Most social media channels allow you to choose between age demographics and location for your video posts, letting you become as specific as you wish. 

Improves SEO

Put simply, people don’t typically spend much time clicking links after the first page of a search engine, so making sure that your content is high up is essential. Savvy companies know that search engines will index properly tagged videos very well, and a social media video production company will help you create attention-grabbing thumbnail panes that increase SEO visibility. 

Our Social Media Video Production Services

At Green Tree Productions, social media video production is one of our specialties. If your company is looking for an easy way to spread brand awareness and increase online engagement, our social media video production services can help. With our team of industry professionals, along with our high-tech, state-of-the-art gear, Green Tree Productions has the ability to create social media videos that are interactive, beautifully-filmed, and engaging to a wide or a specific audience. 

To learn about how our company can serve your social media video needs, contact us at (242) 364-0041. 


Your first step is to send us a message about your project. We can give you a quote and also point you in the direction of your next steps.


We do book up, so contact us soon so we can start the pre-production stages and help you get on the timeline you need.

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